A eyewitness novel over refugee after the second world war.

World War II deportations, expulsions and displacements.

What Happend

In January 1945,when I am eight years old, I have to leave, together with my mother and grandmother, the protection of our family farm in Westprussia (now Poland) to flee from the advancing Red Army. The weeks and months that follow my family and I, together with some two million other ethnic Germans, have to endure extreme hardship as the result of Hitler's megalomania. Finally we are able to escape; ending up in war torn Berlin, as unwelcomed refugees.


Who I Am

Christa Maxeiner finished school in Berlin. Here she obtained a physiotherapy degree followed by a Practicum in Bury St. Edmunds/ Great Britain. In 1958 she got married to Gerhard. They have two sons and fife grandchildren. After their retirement 1990 they bought a house and property in Canada close to Tete Jaune, B.C. Here they spent half their time and half in Germany. After Gerhard passed away and after losing her Canadian home to a mudslide, in June 2012 Christa moved to Valemount B.C.


My Work

Christa is an Instructor of Physio Education and Nordic Walking. She has published 'Body Awareness, Mindfulness Based Muscle Balance, Applied Back Care in 2009 (www.qualitybookpress.com) as well she has evolved a Self-Help-Concept about learning and applying Muscle-Fascia-Activation and Relaxation. Main focus Spine Alignment and the integrated stabilizing spinal force transmission a method for young and old helping to stay in balance, fit and well and do daily chores more easily live long

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